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Information Technology Services


Let's set up your new entertainment center from buying advice to hardware and software installation.

Stream The World of Entertainment

Get an expert to advise you on streaming: what it is, how to use it and learn about the variety of content available. You'll also learn how to watch live TV without cable service and how Smart TVs and streaming devices can let you watch videos from the internet on your television. I will also give an overview of the free content available on YouTube and show you how to navigate the site easily.

Imagine the world of entertainment and infotainment at your fingertips. Nearly everything is available on the internet. If there is anything you might have seen a long time ago, be it a movie sequence or a song, you will indeed find it online. Imagine finding those little treasures of nostalgia or browsing for fascinating new content and streaming it directly from your smartphone or tablet to your big TV screen. How cool is that? You are in charge of the program. You comfortably choose what and when to watch. Discover a new way of consuming entertainment. Conventional TV will most likely start to bore you soon.