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Web Design & Digital Marketing


Websites are always at risk getting slow, being hacked or compromised. Identity theft is booming. Fortunately, there are tools and technics to rescue, secure or supercharge your virtual asset.

Website Rescue

Many unexpected things can happen to your website. You might have forgotten to pay a bill causing the cancellation of your hosting account, your website may have been hacked, a plugin conflict broke the code, an update caused the White Screen of Death (WSoD) or you messed it up by yourself.

Whatever it is, keep a level head and call an expert. In most cases, the problem can be fixed. Let’s take the stress away from you and let’s make sure that your website is backed up for the future.

  • Website Rescue


Once you get in touch with me to provide the login details to your WordPress dashboard and hosting account, I can analyze the problem and recommend the solution.

Performance Fine-Tuning

Slow websites are a turn-off for users and Google alike. The causes of annoying, lazy loading times are manifold – improper coding, plugin overload, incompatibilities, compromised websites, slow servers or slow internet connections. Regardless of the cause, the outcome is always the same. You lose potential leads and fall behind in search results. Thankfully, there are diagnostic tools that allow us to detect the causes of your poorly performing website.

If you feel that your website could do better, let me know. I am happy to speed things up for you and your customers. Better fast and furious than slow and lame.

Security Solutions

You lock your house, your car and your phone. What about your website? Unsecured websites are like an open house for hackers and identity theft is a booming crime. If your website doesn’t have an SSL (secure sockets layer) certificate, your website is not only at risk of getting compromised, but Google & Co will also blacklist it.

Fortunately, there are cheap, fast and efficient solutions. Trust me, you will sleep better, knowing that your website and the personal information you collected through contact forms, payment gateways and the like are safe.