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Videos & Animations


Web Design & Digital Marketing

Videos & Animations

Short videos and animations are perfect website features to promote yourself and your products or services. You don’t need to spend money on ‘big’ productions. Clever content doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

Introduction Videos

For potential clients to connect to you and your business, they need to see you. Good website copy is essential, but a short and snappy personal introduction video is worth ten times more.

I am not talking about sophisticated video productions. All you need is the right light and expression to deliver your message and show who you are. That’s the way to start building trust.

Animated Slideshows

Slideshows are an essential element in modern web design. They breathe new life into your website and attract your visitor’s attention. Of course, an excellent slideshow also needs a thought-out concept. A slideshow that tells a captivating story generates leads – exactly what you want.

Video Elements

Openers, teasers, leads, logo strings and such are indispensable branding elements in motion pictures and video advertising. Such is also true for your business identity. Your video posts on social media should be recognizable not only by your persona but also by your branding.