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Website Extensions


Web Design & Digital Marketing

Website Extensions

Website extensions, commonly called plugins, can add unlimited possibilities to your website. 
You name it and your website does it. That’s the beauty of owning a WordPress website.

Functionality & Performance

Fancy portfolios to present your work, slideshows, image galleries, survey forms, loading speed accelerators, search engine optimization and many more. Whatever you need, I will install and configure the right plugins to make your website work harder.

Your new website can do nearly everything. I am happy to advise which plugins are best for you. Boost your website to an even higher level.

Some Top Plugins

Communicate & Connect

If you look at your website as the mothership of all your online marketing activities, you can think of the internet being the universe in which you are cruising around. Space can be pretty empty and lonely if you are all by yourself.

From a marketing perspective, your website becomes useless if you are not connected. I can help you set up visually engaging social media accounts and connect your site to platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Youtube, etc.

Great User Experience

With the rapid developments in the industry, things have become much more accessible, which means that today you don’t need coding skills to work on your website and that is good! Why? Because you really need to work on your website, grow it, add portfolio items, updates, and news about your business, etc.

If you don’t intend to work on your website, you shouldn’t have one. Luckily, I can provide you with the tools to turn the work on your website into rewarding fun. Once you are familiar with the building tools, you will love it and enjoy working your website harder.