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Website Re-Design


Web Design & Digital Marketing

Website Re-Design

In our fast-changing digital world, a website can become out of date and make you look old. A refreshing re-design lets your valuable content shine in a new light. You will look great!

Do You Have an Old Website?

Imagine a pre-historic static website with the appeal of a dung beetle. If this applies to your website, don’t waste a second and email me right away. Don’t lose more time, potential clients and your reputation.

I am looking forward to re-designing your website based on WordPress, the leading platform, which powers approximately 85,000,000 of the worldwide 200 million sites. Your old website will not only undergo a complete facelift but it will also be state of the art in terms of functionality, speed and user experience.

Before / After


100% Mobile & Responsive

Modern websites have to be responsive and mobile-friendly. In other words, they have to look immaculate on every device, be it a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone. Beyond that, they have to comply with the web standards set by Google. Static non-responsive websites are strictly punished, which shows in the search results. You will find them at the very end – what a drag! But that is the power of Google, so what are you waiting for?

Designed to Love

I love designing websites. It will be such a rewarding experience to create something you and I can be proud of. A lot of thought goes into the design process to make sure that your new website reflects your branding and the values you and your business stand for.

I aim high and think of website design as a holistic concept, combining visual aesthetics with intelligent website architecture, superior user experience and a meaningful message.