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Glimpses of Happiness

Glimpses of Happiness


Diane Perlmutter Reynolds




Website Design


Christian Warta’s website design for my book, Glimpses of Happiness, exceeded my expectations. Chris was not only attentive to detail, but his creativity with the graphics and ease in the navigation of the site was exactly what I was looking for. I couldn’t be happier and would highly recommend Chris for your website design needs.

Diane P. Reynolds

Diane P. Reynolds


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An emotional project

Diane’s father was a passionate writer who saw the humorous glimpses of happiness invisible to others in his daily encounters and experiences. He was an observer who had a passion for making people’s souls laugh.

No less passionate about her dad’s writing, his daughter Diane started to collect all those glimpses of happiness and eventually published them in a book in honor and memory of her father. Soon after the release, she reached out to a webmaster to help her with marketing and to build a website to promote her new publication. I felt very excited to take on this project. It is emotional and personal.

Some promotional glimpses

If you promote a publication on your website, like Diane’s book, it is always a good idea to give the reader a few text examples. In doing so, you stimulate them to read more and eventually make a sale. Of course, you want to be economical with your samples and not publish too many of them, otherwise there is no more incentive to buy the book.

On the other hand, you want to promote your book as much as possible without exploiting its content. The ideal way to go was the creation of a Facebook page dedicated to her book. On this page, Diane can post various types of self-created content, as long as it relates to the book. From time to time, she might even outsource those publishing tasks to a content creator. A Facebook page is a very effective way to market your product or service. If you want to learn more about marketing strategy or social media marketing, please visit the services pages on my website or have a look at Diane’s Glimpses of Happiness Facebook page.


Initially, it was not planned to include illustrations in the website project. However, after Diane found those drawings, we happily added a page featuring some of them. Websites need images to catch your eye. Text-only websites look more like a word document than a website.

Retrospectively the project experience couldn’t have been better for both of us, Diane as a client and me as a webmaster. Diane knew exactly what she wanted and was always quick to supply the content I asked her for. Working with her was a good example of an ideal website project. Needless to say, her input played a big part in the success of the project.


Click on the link above to see the website, and while you are already there, why not read through a few Glimpses to make your soul laugh? Who knows, you might like the book so much that you buy it for yourself or your family or some of your friends.

Designed with Love by Christian R. Warta

Read for yourself

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