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Johann Angerler

Johann Angerler studies human cooperation and is exploring the potential of humanity to cooperate globally.


Johann Angerler




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Ich bin begeistert! Richtig schön ist die Website geworden. Ich kann es gar nicht fassen! Das Logo ist auch einzigartig; zumindest kenne ich so eine Anordnung der Buchstaben bisher noch nicht. Gratulation zu dieser Arbeit. Sie übertrifft meine höchsten Erwartungen.

Johann Angerler

Johann Angerler


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Word of mouth

This website project is a perfect example of a word of mouth referral. A former Austrian university colleague and friend mentioned my services to Johann Angerler, a fellow social and cultural anthropologist. After looking me up through my website and social media, he contacted me via Facebook to give me a brief idea of his project, hoping that I could help him.

Websites for academics

Johann is an academic and a self-published author who studies human cooperation and explores humanity's potential to cooperate globally. Johann wanted a website to introduce, promote, and sell his book and enable him to publish blog articles about his research topics. Furthermore, Johann was looking for an online platform that would allow him to interact with his readers and website visitors.

Great collaboration

After an initial zoom consultation, we both had a much clearer picture of which direction this project should be going. Thanks to Johann, the development process was smooth and efficient. Johann delivered all the necessary content without any delays. I couldn't have asked for better collaboration.

Future plans

Creating Johann's website was another critical step into his new adventure as a self-published researcher and author. Now that the website is live, Johann will enroll in some WordPress courses, which I offer as part of my services. The aim is to enable Johann to work on his website without external help, because he has plans to continue writing books, becoming an active blogger, and promote his 'World People's Representation' project.

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