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The Website looks amazing! I really appreciate all the work you put into this! It all looks really professional, and you do really great work!

Sam Ellis

Sam Ellis

Business Owner

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How it all started

When Sam Ellis, founder of Motivational Fitness – Leisure World, MD’s Personal Trainers, approached us for help with a simple newsletter setup, he had no professional online presence, and he wasn’t looking for one either. However, he did want to send out newsletter campaigns. To use a newsletter service like Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor or Sendinblue, one must own a domain name and an email address linked to it. A Gmail account, like Sam’s, would not work. Consequently, we bought a domain name for Sam and set up an email account to get his newsletter campaigns running.

The splash page solution

Now that the email campaign was set up successfully, we needed to create a very basic website. Why? … Well, if a reader would click on the domain associated with the email address, nothing would show up, except a blank screen or a ‘Can’t find server’ message. This, of course, would look very unprofessional and could be damaging for a small business. The solution to it was to create a splash page quickly. A splash page precedes any page on a website. The purpose of a splash page varies from promoting a new offer, showing a disclaimer or a warning, or, as in Sam’s case, a simple landing page with contact information.

Exceed expectations

Once you dedicate yourself to a new assignment, you start researching the industry or project and the person for whom you are creating. It comes naturally that with increasing knowledge, you develop a passion for the project. In saying this, I might add that I carefully choose my clients and rather reject a business if I feel it isn’t going to succeed or if it conflicts with my ethical standards. In Sam’s case, I was instantly impressed by his professional and personal qualities. Consequently, I found pleasure in investing some extra time to create something he wouldn’t expect. After a few additional days, a basic one-pager website eventually transformed into a multipage website with individual trainer pages, contact forms, call-to-action sections, and some other features.

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