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Great work Chris. You did a fantastic job. I am very happy with the website and already referred you.

Robert Jeff Fishbein

Robert Jeff Fishbein

Director & Founder RJF Capital Advisors

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Websites for the finance industry

Designing websites for the finance industry is different from designing for creatives, retail or other small businesses. Capital advisors, financial advisors, mortgage brokers or chartered accountants are all dealing with a person's finances and, needless to say, this is serious business so their websites should reflect the sobriety of those financial services This doesn't mean that the website should look like a bank statement or a Word document, there is undoubtedly room for design and visual aesthetics. The key is to find a middle way and create an attractive, engaging and trust-building website.

An ideal client

Over the years, I’ve encountered three types of clients. Some want to have a website based on a business idea or vision. They do not have any content and often do not even have a business plan. I often have to turn them down because it would be a waste of my time and their money to create something out of nothing into nowhere. Others, on the contrary, can provide me with some content like written copy and images. They have an established business or at least a good business idea. They often need some content creator services to get the project up and running. This group represents the most common scenario. Last but certainly not least, some clients have all the content and a clear vision of what they want. Robert Jeff Fishbein from RJF Capital Advisors is an excellent example of this group.

A capturing slideshow

Slideshows on websites have been around for quite a while. They are a popular visual element to engage your site visitors by adding a dynamic dimension to your pages. With the rapid development in website design, slideshows are much more than a simple frequency of sliding images. They can be packed with attractive animations and features. Some of them could even stand alone as a website. The RJF Capital Advisors landing page slider, however, is rather spartan and clean. The purpose of this slider is to direct the site visitors and potential clients straight to the featured industry experiences of RJF Capital Advisors.

A classic concept

The website concept follows the traditional 'five pager' structure. The ‘landing' or ‘homepage’ gives a glance over the actual content of the website. The ‘about’ page provides more detailed information about the business owner and team. The ‘strategy’ page educates site visitors about the business services, whereas the ‘industry experience’ page can be compared to a ‘portfolio’ page. The fifth page is the ‘contact’ page, which includes a contact form to send online inquiries.

See for yourself

Click on the link above to have a closer look at the RJF Capital Advisors website. And, who knows, maybe you will become one of RJF's new clients?

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