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There are no words to describe my delight with this beautiful website! It is colorful and inviting, and we appreciate your expertise.

Jannifer Woodson

Jannifer Woodson

President VSLW

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A call for help

Before their new website, the Vegetarian Society of Leisure World, MD, was stuck with a cheap and very basic online presence. Not only did their website turn visitors off instead of attracting them, but it was also inaccessible for editing and therefore stood there like a relict of pre-historic times. After the board contacted me to assist with regaining access, I helped out and offered my services and then asked if they want something better. Well, anything would have been better. I can’t mention it often enough that potentially the whole world can see your online presence, and regardless of the nature of your website, your reputation counts. If you can’t shine in the right light, better wait to shine until the light is right.

A fresh concept

The purpose of the VSLW website should be to present the club to a wider audience and promote a healthier, vegetarian-based lifestyle. Content-wise, the main focus is based on vegetarian and vegan recipes, practical information, as well as event and product announcements. The VSLW board showed a keen interest in regularly populating their website with new content. Perfect, that’s what a website is supposed to be. New content brings a website alive, grows it, and eventually turns it into a source of information for your visitors. With this in mind, I chose a magazine/newspaper concept to build the website on.

A new logo

Although a club doesn’t necessarily need a logo, there is nothing wrong with having one. A logo promotes your brand and adds a recognition factor. Besides, it can be used on various other digital platforms, like your club’s Facebook or Instagram page or your newsletter campaign. The VSLW logo is simplistic and shows the four initials filled with an image layer.

A cool mega menu

There are several types of website menus, like classical horizontal and vertical menus, “hamburger” menus or pop-out menus, etc. For a website like this, a cool mega menu seemed to be the ideal menu solution. The mega menu slides out when hovering over the main menu item and shows the various recipe categories, and preview thumbnails of the individual recipe pages. This allows the visitor to find and jump to a particular recipe right away without spending too much time browsing around.

The recipe section

The integration of a post layout, particularly tailored for recipes, stands at the heart of the VSLW website. For the webmaster or contributor to add a new recipe, not much of a workflow is required. Authors copy an existing recipe post and change to content elements with the data of the new recipe. This might take no longer than 10 minutes, and the new recipe is ready to go live. Making it as easy as possible for website owners to grow their website, will pay off in a great website. A good user experience results in a motivated website owner who enjoys working on the website. It’s a win-win.

See & taste for yourself

Click on the link above to check out the VSLW website. And, if you are already there, why not browse through some of the healthy vegetarian recipes and get inspired to live a healthier life?

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