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Marketing Strategy


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Marketing Strategy

A good marketing strategy is simple but effective. It defines your message and goal, builds a strong digital presence and provides you with a content publishing schedule recognized on social media.


Regarding your business, you might ask yourself a few straight questions: Who am I and what sets me apart from my competitors? What skills and services do I have to offer; why should a client prefer me and how would I define my ideal client? You might ask further: where would I like to see myself and my business 10 years from now? Besides my business, what am I passionate about and what would I want to be known for?

The most challenging, and admittedly tricky stage of any marketing endeavor is the process of positioning. It can be intimidating to confront yourself with such deep-reaching questions, but no marketing strategy will ever work out if those questions remain unanswered. You can save yourself money and disappointment on your business journey if you get this sorted out right at the beginning of your entrepreneurial adventure.


It speaks for itself that not being visible won’t bring you anywhere. Even the best website becomes useless if nobody is aware of it. Digital marketing offers several ways to channel traffic to your website and convert leads into sales. Social media advertising campaigns, affiliate marketing, active social media presence, email marketing, vlogging, and blogging are just some of them.

It is also quite clear that any visual and written content representing your business has to be of high and distinct quality. Too many companies repeatedly post what has already been posted a million times. Adequate visibility is all about recognizable, informative, value-adding and engaging content. In short, it is the quality of your online appearance that distinguishes “sale” from “fail”.


Well established businesses need less marketing. Most of them benefit from the fact that they have already been trading for decades or even generations. Word of mouth comes naturally as their long company history is a guarantor for trust.

On the contrary, start ups and young businesses rarely survive their initial years without marketing. They have to build trust by providing excellent services, which nobody would be aware of if they didn’t market them. Like in every other aspect of life, the key to success is consistency.

Marketing is a long-term investment to help you to establish your business well. A consistent and regular online appearance is essential, which is best accomplished with a cleverly devised content marketing schedule.