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Writing Copy


Web Design & Digital Marketing

Writing Copy

Your website copy should send a clear message to your audience. There is no room for typos or misleading and unnecessary information. You can’t risk your reputation.

Website Copy

Writing is not everybody’s favorite activity and quite a few website projects fail due to the lack of written content. I understand that it isn’t easy to find the right tone when writing about yourself and your business. The borderline between exaggeration and understatement is thin and unless you are a writer yourself, you are most likely better off having an outsider do the job.

Proofreading & Editing

Whether it's academic, commercial or creative writing, every piece of text goes to an editor and proofreader first. Nothing is more embarrassing and counter-productive to your business than typos and grammatical errors.

Remember, potentially the whole world can read what you wrote. I can help you write, proofread and edit — it’s your choice.

Creative Writing

Surely you have heard about the so-called writer’s block. You sit in front of a blank sheet of paper or your white computer screen and have no idea how to say what you want to say. Well, this happens to the best and is not a big deal. You can’t force inspiration and so it’s better to stop torturing your imagination. Try it again after a walk in the woods or on the beach. You will be by far more creative. If this doesn’t help either, I am here to help you out.