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Pet Portraits

Pet Portraits

Pets are family members and part of our lives.

They touch our hearts; they make us move and break loneliness; they comfort us and delight us with their unique personalities, with their stubbornness, and with their friendly nature.

With an animal portrait, you will have a lasting memory of your beloved friend. Be it an aged friend who walked along with you for a long time, a lively puppy dog, a bossy cat, a cheeky parrot, or any other animal kingdom character, I have you covered.

Photo sessions take place at your home, selected public spaces, or your business premises. I shoot with the latest professional digital Canon photography equipment, e.g. Canon R5 full-frame camera with 45MP image resolution, state-of-the-art RF lenses, multi-flash system, background setup, etc. I do not charge travel fees for photo sessions in Kenmare, Co Kerry, Ireland..

For all other photo shootings, my costs for the travel time depend on the distance to your location. I am at your disposal for price information at any time.