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Christian R. Warta

Dedicated to Helping You Tell Your Story.



Commisioned Photography

I offer a wide spectrum of photographic services, including architecture, product and services, macro and closeup photography, food and lifestyle, events, concerts and more.

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Photo Editing / Retouch

Latest software and technology allows to post-process photos in every thinkable creative way. Besides you can get your existing photos digitally enhanced or your slides and prints digitalized.

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Portraits & Pet Photography

Who doesn't want to shine with a stunning, impactful and eye-catching potrtrait? I offer family, group, individual or pet portraits for private, professional or commercial use.

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Website Design

With your own website, you can tell and share your amazing story the way you want. Unlike Facebook and alike, you own your website, it is your style, and you control the content.

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Digital Marketing

A good marketing strategy is simple but effective. It defines your message and goal, builds a strong digital presence and provides you with a content publishing schedule recognized on social media.

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Graphic Design

The three rules in graphic design are brand consistency, aesthetics and recognition. I can help you with online and offline marketing materials so you will stand out from the crowd.

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Passionate About Photography

The heart and mind are the true lens of the camera.

Everybody who shows a genuine interest in good photography has a distinct taste for judging a photograph. In taking a technically perfect image, the photographer must follow specific rules. This knowledge makes the difference between an amateur and a professional.

Besides technical aspects, a photographer must have the so-called photographic eye. There are many ways to look at an object or scene, but only a few ways to portray its pure essence. A good photographer can see the final picture before even taking it.

Last but not least, empathy, positive attitude, friendliness, open-minded personality, and passion on the scene make all the difference too. Taking a great photograph requires emotionally connecting with the subject.

Explore Some of the Latest Website Projects

All projects are like fabulous expeditions and the story of each project is unique.

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Get Your Affordable One-Pager Website.

Website Consult

Learn what is needed to get your one-pager website designed, up and running.

Provide Content

Based on the outcome of your website consult, you will be asked to provide content, such as images and written copy.

Website Launch

After you revise your new website while it is still sitting on the development server, we will be ready to launch.

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Special Kenmare Offer

Dogs of Kenmare
Canine Photoshoot

I am building my pet portraiture portfolio and would be more than happy to photograph your beloved four-legged friend at no cost.

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Outdoor Sessions

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I want to thank all the awsome people who decided to work with me. Nothing is more rewarding than both parties being happy with the process and the result. That's how every project should be; a win win.